Products & Services


IT support for Computer, server and network. Our engineers will diagnose and troubleshoot your computer before recommending an appropriate repair service.


Managed IT solution for every aspect of your company. From server and network devices, to managing end-user requests. Our comprehensive solution make us a favourable choice for any companies.


Comprehensive IT solutions for your company. From disaster recovery to network structured cabling solutions. We will be your one stop IT partner.

Laptop and Desktop Service

We provide major brands of laptop & desktop. We also provide repair & service and take care of any problems – Software, Hardware and replacement accessories.

Data recovery

Hard disk-drive search

Data recovery is the salvaging of data from damaged, inaccessible, deleted or formatted data storage media such as hard disk drive, CDs, DVDs, digital cards, storage tapes where the data cannot be accessed normally using the operating system.We work with data recovery specialists to provide data recovery on a full range of data storage media, hard disk drives, operating systems, databases and e-mail servers including, but not limited to UNIX, Windows, MAC, DOS, RAID, Microsoft Exchange server, SQL database. Once you contact us, we will evaluate your hard drive to come up with a solution that offers the best recoverability probability for your specified critical files.

Electrical testing services

We have qualified test and tag electrical technicians to provide you with the best testing & tagging services to make you compliant with Work Cover requirement. We will conduct in-service safety testing and tagging of electrical cord assemblies and cord connected equipment to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760.