5 Health Tips From Dentists In Cranbourne

Why does this happen?

The very first thing you should know is that an instrument is only as good as the wielder. That means, you may be using the best dental products but if you aren’t combining them with basic oral hygiene procedures; they are of no use. To learn more, look at these top tips by which you can ensure better oral health with minimum use of dental products.

1. Use only fluoridated products – Fluoride is actively absorbed by the tooth surface making it harder and much more resistant to cavities. Check the ingredient list on the toothpaste to find its fluoride content and combine it with a fluoridated mouthwash and a fluoride-impregnated floss to ensure better oral health. If you already have cavities, you can use fluoride-leaching cements like GIC to seal the tooth and to prevent further cavities. Do be careful about the fluoride in your water supply though as too much fluoride can cause a problem called as dental fluorosis in growing teeth.

2. Use dental sealants – Dental sealants cover surface imperfections and prevent food impaction. The plastic protective coating can be applied in ten minutes and it lasts for a very long time. Get in touch with your dentist in Clyde for additional information.

3. Learn proper brushing techniques – Most people scrub away at their teeth thinking that pressure is the best way to clean teeth. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. Technique is far more important than pressure and you dentist will teach you the right method for cleaning your teeth.

4. Clean your tongue – 90% of all bad breath cases are due to a woolly tongue covered with food particles. For fresher breath, be sure to brush your tongue, too, use the same toothbrush or a special tongue cleaner to scrape and clean the tongue. This will dramatically improve oral health and oral odour as well. You should replace your toothbrush every three months.

5. Visit your dentist at least once in six months – Everyone has to visit the dentist at least once in six months. This screening visit will help the dentist find and seal cavities, assess your dental health and remove scaly white deposits called plaque.

Do not make the mistake of considering no dental pain as perfect dental health in Cranbourne. By the time pain starts, it’s actually too late to do anything. Visit your dentist regularly and follow these tips to ensure better oral health.


5 Reasons Why Tooth Picking Is Bad for Oral Health

A lot of people love to use tooth picks in order to clear out food stuck in their teeth after meals.Some people even consider to do it as a habit that they will use it, even if they no longer have to. These people do not know that there are possible hazards to using it. In order to convince them to avoid using tooth picks, here are 5 reasons why it is bad for oral health.

1. It can be a source of oral infections. In fact, it could also be a reason for a person to acquire more severe oral discomforts such as mouth cancer. Keep in mind that tooth picks are never sterile as they are only be stored on tables and closets kept inside their boxes or cases. It would never be ideal to put such thing inside your mouth for health reasons.

2. Constant tooth picking can break the enamel of your teeth. The enamel which is a hard yet thin layer covering the crown of a tooth is a vital tissue as it serves as the main protection or coat of the tooth. Due to its thinness, it can easily break this tissue given that tooth picks are made up of hard substance. Once the user applies pressure on the tooth, the enamel will easily break off of it. Just imagine all of the damage your teeth enamel has taken so far if you are using it three times a day.

3. Madonna is the only person in this world that looks good despite having a gap in between her two front teeth. Keep in mind that Madonna is a big celebrity and you are not. If you keep on using it then there’d be a better chance that gaps between your teeth are going to increase. Aside from the fact that it is not good to look at, your teeth can easily acquire dirt due to the fact that they can easily penetrate and cling on to the teeth with wider gaps in between them.

4. It can be damaging to the gums. Whenever a person is using tooth picks, it is inevitable for them to sometimes hit their gums with it. Worse is when they apply too much pressure and they would accidentally have their gums wounded. If you have wounded or damaged gums, the chances of being able to acquire diseases would be higher most especially if the gums become infected. This is why most dentists in clyde advise their patients and clients to use dental flossers instead as they are proven to be more safe.

5. It was introduced by cavemen who didn’t have resources back then to cater for their dental care needs. All they can afford was to have a twig or a small branch of a plant to use as their means to clean their teeth. However, at this day and age it is surprising that a lot of people are still into tooth picking given that it is already proven to be hazardous to one’s oral health. This reason may not be related to oral health but it is an action that is just not good to look at. Perhaps if you lived back in the time of cavemen then such action would be justifiable but it’s 2014 and we already have dental flossers. People often overlook the health hazards that it can probably give them. There are no implemented rules that prevents people from using tooth picks. All we have are constant reminders from dentists, health care facilities and concerned citizens such as myself in order to inform everyone out there that tooth picking is bad for oral health.


Root Canal Treatment- An Effective Means Helps To Save Your Tooth

When it is talk about root canal treatment then it is one of the most serious dental treatments that you might have heard about and it is the one which your dentist will recommend if there’s a very pressing need to save a damaged or infected tooth. Root canal treatment is highly effective way of treating and saving a tooth from decay and it would be otherwise extracted. This treatment is usually taking two or three visits with the goal to have all infected and inflamed nerve tissue. There are so many reasons to take this treatment but the most common cause is due to a tooth infection cause by tooth decay. In this case, the bacteria reach in the nerve and cause pain which should be not tolerated. In this treatment, there should be diagnose of disorders of dental pulp. The saving of your tooth is possible when infected pulp should be removed and this treatment also helps to preventing the formation of an abscess infection.

Root Canal Treatment

Symptoms of Root Canal:-

  • The major symptom is that when you taken hot or cold liquid then your tooth pain by these types of liquids. There should be pain in the tooth and sensitivity lingers long after being exposed to these elements.

    Root Canal

  • When there should be swelling in the gums and this swelling can range from being just very slight. It is seemed as reddish at that time and also has some tenderness. Your swelled tooth may also be sensitive to touch.
  • There should be several kinds of pains while chewing or application of pressure. When you have to put any sort of pressure on a certain area of your tooth then you noticed the tender or swollen gums near the painful tooth.
  • There should be pain in one tooth then radiates to other regions of your jaw or head. There should be also persistent or recurring pimple on the gums. When you pressed that pimple then it should be release pus. This stuff isn’t pretty folks and it’s in your mouth.

Procedure of Root Canal Treatment:-

Root canal is the process of cleaning the canals inside a tooth’s root. In ancient times, root canal treatments are often very painful. But when there is advancement in the dental technologies, most people have little if any pain with a root canal. In fact, it’s probably more painful living with a decayed tooth. So here we discuss the step by step procedure of root canal system:-

  • Before start the treatment, firstly we take a series of X-rays of the affected tooth. This allows us to build up a clear picture of the root canal and assess the extent of any damage. After that opening is made through the crown of the tooth to gain access to the pulp chamber. After that we use small instruments which help to remove the pulp from toothy.

  • After that we use small needles like files which help to clear away the damaged and diseased pulp from the inside of the tooth. These files help to shape the inner chamber of the tooth and root with water to wash away any remaining pulp. After that we use antimicrobial solution into the chamber that helps to remove all the remaining bacteria from that.
  • When the chamber is dried then we filled the interior of tooth. There is a sealer paste and rubber compound which is used to fill the tooth. At that time you have to make sure that your root canals are protected from saliva.
  • At final stage, when few weeks passed then we placed a permanent crown on the top of the tooth. It should be depend on the condition of your natural tooth; the Dentist Cranbourne may need to place a small supporting post inside of the root chamber. It can be tinted to match the exact colour of your other teeth.

Eve Dental Root Canal

After root canal treatment, you have to avoid eating hard foods until the treatment is complete. Now, it is your responsibility to provide good oral hygiene by regular brushing and also avoid to intake of sugar and colas. With proper care, your treated tooth can last a lifetime.